Wot? New Features!

PCB:NG's Kirk release is in sight, and we've just dropped some new features into our open beta - more supported parts, lower prices, new payment option, Eagle native support. Wot!

Kirk isn't ready, so we're going with a lesser-known-captain theme as we drop features from Kirk into the general Beta. So many features - one that expands our parts selection, one makes simple designs even less expensive to produce, and a few others that just make life easier. Wot indeed.

The first biggie is EconoMode. Simpler design? Simpler parts? Then EconoMode is for you, and it automatically lowers your price on PCBA. As in 25% off current beta PCBA lower. We analyze your design, and if it's EconoMode, you get an instant (and significant) discount. We had previously only offered it to a few select testers, saw immediate uptake, so now everyone can Jam Econo. More details here.

The other new addition? We're no longer limiting you to tape-packaged parts. See our Supported Components Types section of our help site for more guidelines, but our component constraints just got a lot looser.

We also have some stuff that's a bit experimental. First, Eagle users can try our native support - just select a .BRD file instead a gerber/drill ZIP, and all sorts of good things should happen. Note that we're only testing with versions up to 7.7 - we'll revisit this once the current upheaval over Autodesk's "upgrades" settles down.

One more experimental feature - payment requests. Seems that many of our customers need to have someone else pay for their order. So now we have a way to get things queued up, and then pass it off to the person with the credit card. If this sounds handy, give us a shout at beta@pcb.ng, and we'll tell you how to try it.

More features are coming. Soon. And other changes, too. Hint: if you love our $1/sq inch blank PCBs, and our Beta pricing, you may want to get your orders in before Kirk shows up. It's the sensible thing to do.