Where No PCBA Has Gone Before

PCB:NG is about to flip the switch on some amazing new functionality, and we want a small group of you to try it, break it, give us feedback. It's the last part of the PCB:NG feature set that we're adding before beta is over, and we think it's our most impressive functionality to date. We call it "Spock".

One of most important goals at PCB:NG is to give you the tools to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Spock makes this happen, whether you're ordering bare PCBs, or fully assembled boards. And we'll be adding more and more functionality to Spock after we emerge from beta.

We'll be unveiling this for all beta users soon, but if you want to experience our vision of the what PCBA should be, today, give us a shout.

To play with Spock, send us an email to spock@pcb.ng - we're only accepting a few folks at first, and anyone who's placed an order gets preference.