Welcome Our Luminous Overlords

It is with the greatest pleasure that we've completed our job for Aki Sadoi (aka The LED Artist). Here's a glamour shot of a good chunk of Aki's fully completed boards.

We want to thank Aki, again, because his design inspired us to many new innovations and a couple of outright inventions. Moreover, we're especially tickled because our defect rate is at about 1% - and we can fix those defects with a few minutes of rework, and get it to just about zero. Better yet? All of these defects happened in the first 10% of production.

For our next "special", we'll be doing something that's both similar and opposite. You'll see what we mean in the next few days.

Meanwhile, progress on PCB:NG v.1 is proceeding nicely, and we're pleased to announce that we project that beta will start on 12/1, and that all beta participants will start out with a coupon for free assembly and PCBs. Or in other words - give us good feedback, and we'll keep feeding you free stuff.

Some less good news for our "specials" - we're clearing out our queue, and we're going to be taking a short hiatus to, well, get our beta out. No worries, specials will be back for you special people.

Aki, we want to say thanks yet again, and clearly, you've secured your spot on the PCB:NG Wall O' Fame.