We Jam Econo

We're introducing a new feature that makes assembled electronics even more affordable - EconoMode. And we're giving current beta participants first access (and savings).

Those guys up there? They're not us. They're The Minutemen, one of the greatest bands, ever, and in constant rotation in the PCB:NG infinite playlist.

See, The Minutemen are known for combining jazz and funk with punk, and creating something unique. We like to think that we've also taken seemingly disparate things - like, easy ordering and affordable pricing - and created a unique take on Electronics Manufacturing. Their motto, "We Jam Econo", is where we got the name of our latest feature, EconoMode (formerly known by the code name "Scotty").

Most electronics assemblers won't talk about pricing, but we will. Simply put, some components and designs are easier to work with, some are more difficult. The industry approach to this is to price everything at "worst case scenario". Get an order that's a total piece of cake? Bonus! (for them)

But what if we made it so that easy components and designs resulted in a bonus for you? Yeah, we did that, and it's EconoMode.

Have a simpler design? Get a simpler price. 25% off our already special beta rates for quantity 6. And if you need 24+, contact us for prices that are cheaper than some folks charge for just blank PCBs. Really. We have some more details about how it works, too.

We added some other stuff, too - Rand is included in this test release (and in the main beta, too). Excel files for BOM and Pick and Place? Yup. But mostly under the hood.

Want to check it out? Give us a shout at beta@pcb.ng, and we'll get you hooked up. Offer only good for beta participants, but since we're now in open beta, sign up and get in touch.

One last thing - Scotty is the last stop before Kirk, and the end of our beta (and beta pricing on standard service). Just FYI.