Time Machine GO

We're pleased to announce PCB:NG's very first production job: Mecha[1] Industries' Time Machine! Edwin Park of Mecha[1] has been a terrific and patient test pilot for us, and just an all-around great guy. And Edwin isn't the only one: there are already three other Early Access participants queued up behind this initial run just a day after our announcement of Early Access.

We'll be doing an initial run of around 100 units for Mecha[1], and as with all other Specials, we'll be simply passing on our material costs. So Mecha[1] gets free assembly and wholesale PCBs, and we get to run tests on our production chain at the same time. That's a great hardware community win/win situation.

Mecha[1]'s Time Machine is also a reminder to everyone on the Early Access list that we're up and running with Specials, and that if you're a part of that program, let's GO with your design, too.