The Beta is Out There

UPDATE: We've gotten tremendous feedback in the first day of Beta! We're listening and making changes.

Beta is here! PCB:NG is ready for our first early adopters. And given the emails that we've been getting, we'd be willing to pit your excitement level against fans of a certain TV show. Read on for the exciting details.

If you're on the beta list, and if you have a design ready to go, email us at, and we'll respond with directions about how to proceed. Beta is currently open to two-layer designs, but four-layer is coming soon.

And we're going to be providing an amazing incentive, too - one that you're going to love, even if our accountant is going to go full Alex Krycek on us. Cheap is an understatement.

If you're not a Lone Gunman, er, on the beta list, you need to be in order to participate. Email us at the previously provided address, and we'll get you squared away.

In the meantime, if you'd appreciate getting 24 6 assembled units of your design with a 12 calendar day turn, get your files ready. We're giving preference to designs in the following order:

  • Two layer designs, single sided placement,
  • Two layer designs, double sided placement,
  • Four layer designs (coming later in the this beta stage)

OK, let's start making some electronics!