New Features, Less Creatures

We've been swatting bugs, adding new capabilities and enjoying the best quarter that we've ever had!... Read more »


Jonathan Bobrow just shot us an update about his AutomaTiles project - and we're super excited to see stuff that we created come to life!... Read more »


Jonathan Bobrow's AutomaTiles design, upon first sight, had me humming the title track from my favorite album by one of my favorite band for obvious reasons. Jonathan's style is lovely, and the concept is very cool. Kind of like my aforementioned favorite band, The Fleshtones.... Read more »

Welcome Our Luminous Overlords

It is with the greatest pleasure that we've completed our job for Aki Sadoi (aka The LED Artist). Here's a glamour shot of a good chunk of Aki's fully completed boards.... Read more »

Time Machine Materializes

So many pretty boards: the first batch of Mecha[1] Industries' Time Machine is on its way to happy creator, Edwin Park. Ed, thanks so much for being our first "special" order, and for being so patient with us. We learned a lot from Time Machine, and we're grateful for that, too.... Read more »

Time Machine GO

We're pleased to announce PCB:NG's very first production job: Mecha[1] Industries' Time Machine! Edwin Park of Mecha[1] has been a terrific and patient test pilot for us, and just an all-around great guy. And Edwin isn't the only one: there are already three other Early Access participants queued up behind this initial run just a day after our announcement of Early Access.... Read more »