design tips

All the KiCad and More

KiCad represents a huge percentage of the jobs that we see - most months, it's typically at the #2 or #3 spot. We figured that it was time to roll up our sleeves and write a guide about how to get perfect results with PCB:NG and KiCad. You can find our KiCad documentation in our help section.... Read more »

The Mask of the Red Yeoman

We're introducing a new DFM feature - solder mask checking! And we're giving current beta participants a first crack at checking it out.... Read more »


Jonathan Bobrow's AutomaTiles design, upon first sight, had me humming the title track from my favorite album by one of my favorite band for obvious reasons. Jonathan's style is lovely, and the concept is very cool. Kind of like my aforementioned favorite band, The Fleshtones.... Read more »