Ouroboros Teleios

There are engineers, and there are artists. Rare is the person that combines both, rarer still, the person that excels at both. PCB:NG is extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with just such a person, Akimitsu Sadoi, better known as The LED Artist.

Aki did us a huge favor a while back - he loaned us a reflow oven, while we waited for our unit to come on line. And, as favors go, he was just so nice about it. (Just an aside, and in case you're not sure that Hardware is Happening in NYC: how many people do you know that have their own reflow oven?) So we've been looking to return the favor, and with our latest efforts, we believe that we've started to do just that.

We're especially proud of this, because It Just Worked. Without tweaking. Our software did what its supposed to do, our process did its thing, and this is one of four lovely test boards that anyone would be proud to have produced.

So, thanks, Aki, and we're awfully glad to be able to start repaying you for your kindness and sense of community.