Now With Less Volume

Beta is underway, and the first orders are in progress - and the first orders will be going out the door next week. We've gotten tons of Beta feedback already, and we hear you: You can now order just six boards at 50% discount from standard pricing. So how about getting a custom batch of electronics for less than a decent steak dinner?

And since we apparently described the industry's simplest pricing model in the most confusing way possible, we decided that we could do better on that score, too. Check out our calculator that explains things better than our guide did. And look for a new revision of the guide, shortly, that should address that shortcoming.

So, pricing: let's start with this handsome little design, a work-alike of the Arduino Uno. It has dimensions of .9" by 1.66", and the cost of parts at DigiKey are about $6/board. That's all of the info that's required - because we flat-rate price the PCB and Assembly labor by area, and then add the standard Digi-Key price for the parts.

So we went ahead and made a calculator for our Stage One Beta, and pre-populated it with the costs to make our design. Just think, you can give your friends the gift of electronics for much less than eating alone at Jordan's. Steak is so overrated.

Of course, you can punch in your own values, too. Check it out, and if you'd like to jump into the beta, give us a shout at


Enter your board width, height, the BOM cost for each board, choose single or double sided placement, and get your batch cost.

Board width inch(es)
Board height inch(es)
Cost of parts
per board
Board area 1.49 sq. inches
PCB+assembly price per sq. inch
50% Stage One Discount
$4.50 $9.00
Unit price per fully
assembled board
Total for 6 (six)
fully assembled boards: