New Features, Less Creatures

We've been swatting bugs, adding new capabilities and enjoying the best quarter that we've ever had!

First, a big thanks to our growing ranks of customers. Last quarter saw our volume double, and we're just thrilled with the response. So much so that we're offering up a special discount for folks that read to the end. Don't be all TL;DR and miss out, OK?

Meanwhile, we've been able to tighten up the tech, and to add a few goodies to tide you over until our upcoming full release. The first big thing: Mouser support is here. Just enter a Mouser part ID anywhere where you previously used a Digi-Key number, and it just works. Great for when Mouser has a better price, or when you just can't find the part that you need at Big Red.

Since we last offered it up on a trial basis, Payment Requests have been our most, well, requested feature. If you're part of an organization where one person holds the purse strings, you can now queue up your order and send your money master a link. They pay, you get your stuff. So easy.

One of the reasons why we had such an amazing quarter is EconoMode. Seriously, there is no way to get electronics manufactured less expensively than EconoMode - 40% off normal prices for suitable designs - and we've had a tremendous response. And the discount that we mentioned? Yeah, you can use it to take EconoMode orders to the next level of value.

Speaking of: use code BUGEYEDMONSTER for 15% off all PCBA services through 5/23/17 (expires at 11:59PM EST on that date). Thanks for reading!