Immobile Electronics

PCB:NG is creating the first WYSIWYG system for manufacturing electronics. Our clients should never have any doubts about what we're producing for them. Which is why we invented our placement creation/verification system.

Part of what we're doing involves collecting data. Lots of it. And then it hit us - wouldn't it be cool if we made movies showing the placement of a component across a run of boards? So we did. And brother, that's WYSIWYG manufacturing.

This is what a resistor, placed across 150 different boards that we produced for a recent client, looks like.

And an IC from the same run, also across 150 boards. While it looks like that SOIC-8 is really dancing around, it's moving perhaps a few microns from the center on any given board. Cool, right? We'll be on the lookout for really fun stuff in the future, so check back from time to time.