History and Do-Overs

We get a lot of great suggestions from users. The #1 request, by far, was for an order history function. We launched that today - and so much more.

It's kind of like time travel. It'd be pretty cool to be able to observe the past, but it'd be just so much better if you could, say, change the past. Or what if you could take the past, and branch it off into another timestream entirely? You get the picture. Just telling you what you've done is not really enough.

So we took the notion of order history, and we added a few things:

  • Easy re-orders: Just duplicate and go.
  • Amend orders: Just realized that a part orientation is wrong? Or want to tweak a board? Now you can (at least, until it's off to production)
  • Current production status
  • Invoices: No need to remember to print when you've ordered.

And that's kind of a time-travel paradox - by addressing the past, we've helped advance the future of what ordering custom manufactured electronics should be. Or something like that.

Note to current beta testers: please hit reload in your browser after logging in to see all the new stuff.