Hello, PCB:NG

We thought it'd be a good idea to let people know what PCB:NG is, and what it isn't. So, to put it simply:

PCB:NG is about making electronics manufacturing accessible for everyone.

We think that there are (at least) two values for "accessible": cost and ease of use.

The cost part is pretty obvious. If you can't afford something, it's inaccessible. We solve that problem by offering pricing up to 90% less, per-unit. Now, combine that with MOQs that start at around 25 units. Which means that you'll spend less per unit, and your total outlay will be manageable.

The second part is ease of use. EMS ("Electronic Manufacturing Services") companies often combine opacity, difficulty and sometimes, hostility into one terrible experience. We're solving this value of accessible, too.

For example, our pricing model is very easy to understand - it's a flat rate, per square inch, per unit. So, if your design is, say, 1" x 2", you'll pay as little as $6 per board for the PCB and the assembly. Parts are extra, because, well, a flat rate pricing model including components would be just silly.

We don't stop there - our UI is, we think, going to blow the industry away.

To be fair, we should touch upon the things that PCB:NG isn't. We won't design your electronics for you (although we'll give you some pointers if you did things incorrectly). We're not a quick-turn shop, unless you consider 12 calendar days quick. And we won't be the cheapest at the expense of quality; all of our PCBs will be manufactured in the USA, and the final assembly will be done in Brooklyn, NY. And if you need something on the exotic side, say, a 24-layer stackup, you might want to look elsewhere.

What we will be is the industry-leading intersection of price, simplicity, quality and reliability. And of course, accessibility, for all values.