Faster! Guaranteed 5-Day Turn

PCB:NG just got faster, for those of you that need guaranteed quick-turn. Our new Expedite service gives you five business day turn, guaranteed. And in true PCB:NG fashion, it's the most cost-effective quick-turn in the industry.

Expedite is everything that you love about PCB:NG's Standard offering - flat-rate pricing, no limits on placements, wide part support - but just faster, and with a money-back guarantee if we miss our target.

Prices start at just $20/unit, for both 2- and 4-layer stackups. We've made a quick quote page - see how inexpensive quick-turn can be.

Expedite is shaping up to be our most successful product launch - we've received multiple orders since it went live, even though this post is our first announcement - and we've beefed up to avoid any flight delays. See you in the express sky-lane!