Faster, Cheaper, Better, Go!

Fully assembled boards at prices as low as $3/unit, a new guaranteed quick-turn option, and amazing quantity discounts for our most popular service levels. PCB:NG is at apogee with new services are all about faster and inexpensive.

Our new Expedite service level gets you fully assembled boards in your hands in 5 business days (or less), guaranteed. PCB:NG is proud to offer the most cost-effective quick-turn option in the industry.

Econo service has been expanded. You asked for .5mm pin pitch support, and it's live now. Better yet, we now offer quantity discounts with Econo, getting prices down to $3/unit for medium sized batches - full PCBA for less than what other vendors charge for blank PCBs.

Our most flexible service, Standard, has also been tweaked. Not only have prices been lowered across the board, but quantity discounts are now available for Standard as well. This means that you can get PCBA with no parts limits, at prices that get down to $6/unit.

We're really excited about the new offerings. More details here.