Econo Turbo

Big news for Econo fans - huge quantity discounts, and expanded part support. We've really turbocharged Econo in a big way.

What do you get when you combine generous quantity discounts and Econo? Fully assembled boards for as low as $3/each. That's blank PCB territory, folks, and to be clear, that price includes both the PCB and assembly service. Parts always extra, but you knew that already.

Better yet? You asked for .5mm pin pitch support, and we've added it. Which means a much larger selection of connectors, microcontrollers, you name it.

You can get an insta-quote here or dig into the specs. One of PCB:NG's missions is to get folks to leave the assembly to us, and spend more time designing great stuff, and we think that we've hit that mark with the new Econo. Let us know, OK?)