This Is Early Access

PCB:NG Early Access Details!

We've had a great response to our calls for beta testers and early access - we now have 60 companies signed up to help us get PCB:NG bug-free, and our assembly line shaken down. (FYI, we have some spots left - if you know someone that might be interested, tell them to get in touch at Thanks to you all! Read on to find out when you can start getting stuff made, and what goodies you get for free for being a part of the program.

You'll note that emails to you have your status as either Beta, Specials, or Both. And this directly relates to what kind of early access you'll get, and when.

  • Specials means that you get immediate access - starting now!

    Specials are jobs that are meant to help out companies, and also benefit us to help shake out any issues in our production line. If you're in Specials, you'll need to contact us directly, and we'll do your job manually, and we'll do it just for the cost of materials. You provide the parts, we do the rest. Almost everyone in this class is an NYC-based entity. Specials have almost no limitations - we'll do most any job, with most any components (which you'll be supplying to us), and at almost any reasonable size.

    Oh, and Specials can even come by our facility, and watch their stuff get made. So, if you're in Specials or Both, and if you have something that you want to run ASAP, shoot us some email and we'll get you hooked up straight away.

  • Beta signifies that you're going to be given access to our full-stack testing. This is for most of you. Beta users will be granted access to the ordering system, and will be able to order batches of 24, and only from the supported components (which is a huge list), and from our standard stackups. Everything gets ordered through PCB:NG. Beta gets a truly great deal - free assembly, free PCBs, and no markup on the parts (i.e., same price as ordering from DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, etc).

    Beta access starts later this month, but could slip a bit. You know how it is with software.

  • Both is perhaps the most coveted status - because, well, you have access to both the Beta program, and to the Specials program, too. If you're local to us, you can qualify. Just ask.

A few more things that you should know:

  • We're in generally alpha/beta status from stem to stern. That means that chaos will ensue. Keep that in mind, especially if your project has little tolerance for chaos. So, given that...

  • All of this is money-back guaranteed. If we screw up a board, or a batch, we'll refund your money - even on the parts that you sent to us for Specials. Just let us know, and we'll write the check.

  • "Cost of materials" is even better than it sounds - our wholesale price for PCBs, plus a few bucks for solder paste. We'll even throw the cost of stencils in for free.

  • Lastly: we need your feedback. Think of it as payment in-kind.

That's it. Let's start making some electronics!