Dialing It In

Our process here at PCB:NG has been solid for a while - we've always done better at the paste-pick-place thing than most EMS companies out there. But our goal isn't just to be better; we want to be awesome.

I mean, put it this way - a singing dog is great. As in, the dog is singing, and singing really well. Like, singing better than anyone on the MTV awards - that kind of better. But that dog is never going to sing opera, right?

Today is the day that we graduated to awesome arias. Our research, our algorithms and many, many process tweaks clicked. I mean, placing 800+ components without fail? Been there. Good reflow? Sure, no problem. But do that, and do it with less than 1% component loss? Perfect alignment in both axes? Nice shiny solder joints, textbook fillets?

Any of that would be great, but now let's throw in a serious dash of automation. Yeah, we ran this sample while getting donuts and coffee.

That's an aria. And we're looking forward to singing for everyone, very soon.