Bare PCBs for Beta

We're offering our high quality, 2-layer PCBs, for $1/sq inch during beta. And yeah, we'll ship 'em free to USA addresses, too. Both the price and the service may go ->poof<- at any time. This is only for registered beta participants - but we're taking invite requests.... Read more »

Now With Less Volume

Beta is underway, and the first orders are in progress - and the first orders will be going out the door next week. We've gotten tons of Beta feedback already, and we hear you: You can now order just six boards at 50% discount from standard pricing. So how about getting a custom batch of electronics for less than a decent steak dinner?... Read more »

The Beta is Out There

UPDATE: We've gotten tremendous feedback in the first day of Beta! We're listening and making changes.... Read more »

Time Machine Materializes

So many pretty boards: the first batch of Mecha[1] Industries' Time Machine is on its way to happy creator, Edwin Park. Ed, thanks so much for being our first "special" order, and for being so patient with us. We learned a lot from Time Machine, and we're grateful for that, too.... Read more »

This Is Early Access

PCB:NG Early Access Details! We've had a great response to our calls for beta testers and early access - we now have 60 companies signed up to help us get PCB:NG bug-free, and our assembly line shaken down. (FYI, we have some spots left - if you know someone that might be interested, tell them to get in touch at Thanks to you all! Read on to find out when you can start getting stuff made, and what goodies you get for free for being a part of the program.... Read more »