EDA Wizards Wanted

So, you're really great with Altium. You kill with Eagle. You own KiCad.... Read more »

PCB:NG At Maker Faire

Hey, we got a last minute invite to exhibit at Maker Faire NYC! Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Avnet and MakerSource, we'll have a booth in Zone 3, and we'll be doing the meet, greet and demo thing. Might even have a sneak peak to show. If you're around, stop by and say hello.... Read more »

History and Do-Overs

We get a lot of great suggestions from users. The #1 request, by far, was for an order history function. We launched that today - and so much more.... Read more »

Torture-Tested DFM

We've just launched our Beta DFM functionality - our automated error checker formerly known as "Spock" is now available for all Beta users. And we've provided a nice test file so that you can see all of the functions right away.... Read more »

Where No PCBA Has Gone Before

PCB:NG is about to flip the switch on some amazing new functionality, and we want a small group of you to try it, break it, give us feedback. It's the last part of the PCB:NG feature set that we're adding before beta is over, and we think it's our most impressive functionality to date. We call it "Spock".... Read more »

We're One

Best wishes to the entire crew at PCB:NG, and thanks for a remarkable first year of operations.... Read more »

To Build a Better Beta

We are so not fans of that show. We so do not name our servers after any fictional characters from that show. That picture? Just some random web thing, seemed likely to grab attention. We are, however, working on our Beta, it is Better - and we have some updates that might be useful to our beloved beta testers.... Read more »

PCB:NG Mentions

Nothing makes us happier than hearing nice things from folks that we truly respect. Here's a couple of late that are worth reading or listening to:... Read more »

Immobile Electronics

PCB:NG is creating the first WYSIWYG system for manufacturing electronics. Our clients should never have any doubts about what we're producing for them. Which is why we invented our placement creation/verification system.... Read more »

Hybrid Moments

We have some amazing stuff in the pipeline (for registered beta users only - so join our open beta already, ok?) - announcement coming in a few days. But in the meantime, I thought it'd be useful to kick off an unofficial series of posts that might be titled "What To Avoid".... Read more »