Faster, Cheaper, Better, Go!

Fully assembled boards at prices as low as $3/unit, a new guaranteed quick-turn option, and amazing quantity discounts for our most popular service levels. PCB:NG is at apogee with new services are all about faster and inexpensive. ... Read more »

Faster! Guaranteed 5-Day Turn

PCB:NG just got faster, for those of you that need guaranteed quick-turn. Our new Expedite service gives you five business day turn, guaranteed. And in true PCB:NG fashion, it's the most cost-effective quick-turn in the industry.... Read more »

Econo Turbo

Big news for Econo fans - huge quantity discounts, and expanded part support. We've really turbocharged Econo in a big way.... Read more »

New Features, Less Creatures

We've been swatting bugs, adding new capabilities and enjoying the best quarter that we've ever had!... Read more »

Wot? New Features!

PCB:NG's Kirk release is in sight, and we've just dropped some new features into our open beta - more supported parts, lower prices, new payment option, Eagle native support. Wot!... Read more »

We Jam Econo

We're introducing a new feature that makes assembled electronics even more affordable - EconoMode. And we're giving current beta participants first access (and savings).... Read more »

All the KiCad and More

KiCad represents a huge percentage of the jobs that we see - most months, it's typically at the #2 or #3 spot. We figured that it was time to roll up our sleeves and write a guide about how to get perfect results with PCB:NG and KiCad. You can find our KiCad documentation in our help section.... Read more »

What To Avoid: Bad Land Patterns, Part 1

No, not that kind of land pattern (although it is bad - drought is no laughing matter). Nope, we're talking component land patterns - the pattern of the pads on your PCB. If you get them wrong, you'll end up with like the farmer that had crops in pictured dry locale.... Read more »

The Mask of the Red Yeoman

We're introducing a new DFM feature - solder mask checking! And we're giving current beta participants a first crack at checking it out.... Read more »

Where's Captain Kirk?

We're getting close to V1.0 of PCB:NG, code-named after the big guy himself, and we thought we'd give you a head's up about what that means to all of our beloved beta testers. ... Read more »